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What is Real Milk?

  • Real milk is that which comes from pastured cows, that contains all the fat and that has not been processed in any way—it is raw and unhomogenized.
  • Real Milk is a Complete Food like Mother’s Milk for a newborn!
  • We are going back to basics, to the good old days when a cow was part of every household family and was fed on green grass.
  • When each morning our breakfast was Real Milk – Pure Wholesome Creamy Yummy Milk – unprocessed in any form – ‘as it is’.

Why don’t you pasteurize the milk?

  • Pasteurization is only meant to extend shelf life of the milk.
  • Pasteurization is a process to kill bad bacteria by means of shock heating to extremely high temperatures thereby also destroying enzymes, diminishing vitamin content, and killing beneficial bacteria. It further denatures fragile milk proteins, promotes pathogens and is linked with several acute diseases in the long run.
  • The decision to pasteurize milk was based on economics. In 1910, majority of those who attempted to resolve the “milk” problem of unsafe swill milk, were opposed to pasteurization. Most wanted raw milk to be certified to ensure high quality, safe milk which maintained its high nutrients. Decision makers were afraid of the costs to certify raw milk dairies, so decided to pasteurize milk instead. Milk producers with unsafe practices began pasteurizing their milk rather than clean up their farms. Ref:https://www.naturalnews.com/039341_raw_milk_pasteurized_illness.html.

If it's Real full-fat cow's milk, why can’t I see thick malai on top of it after it is boiled and cooled?

  • Full fat milk from cow cannot be compared with conventional brands milk, because the latter is primarily buffalo milk. The fat content in conventional brands is around 6% whereas in Cow milk it is 4.5% and this is due to the natural lactating quality of the cow milk which is light in fat content, and thus easy to digest.

The Dahi, from this Milk is quite runny. Why is that so?

  • Milk available in market has certain percentage of Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP) added to it, as a result you get very thick and creamy curd.
  • Farmvillē Milk is 100% farm fresh, ‘as it is’, hence there are natural Solids Not Fat (SNF) which is comparatively low in comparison to conventional milk brands.

In my childhood when I had cow milk, it was usually yellow in color but your milk is white.

  • Yellow colour in milk is essentially due to presence of carotenoid. Cow breeds have varying amount of carotenoid. Hence, the yellow tinge in the milk can vary by breed, their feed and other factors.
  • After boiling and refrigerating the milk, you will see that the malai/cream layer on top of the milk will be slightly yellow, mainly because we do not follow the practice of using any kind of oil seed cakes etc. for cattle feeding. Presence of chemicals like urea, synthetic milk and oil cakes also leads to yellow color irrespective of the fact whether it is a cow or buffalo milk.


Why is your Milk price comparatively higher than other brands?

  • Our price is marginally higher than most other brands as we do not inject our cows with hormones to increase their yield or indulge in any malpractices prevalent in the industry.
  • We have our own packaging and distribution network and deliver Real Milk directly from Farmville to our customers to prevent any adulteration. As a result, we need to cover this cost to ensure Quality.

What are the modes of payment?

  • You can pay via Credit card/Debit card/bank transfer/Paytm wallet transfer/Cash on Delivery for your trial pack or monthly subscription.

Can I order additional milk if I have guests at my house?

  • Yes, kindly inform us +1 day in advance via SMS/WhatsApp/phone call at our customer care number/leave a message on our website.

Can I temporarily hold my subscription if I am travelling? How will you adjust the extra balance on my account?

  • Yes, kindly inform us +1 day in advance via SMS/WhatsApp/phone call at our customer care number/leave a message on our website.
  • We will extend the end date of your subscription period with the additional balance in your account.
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