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Why Farmvillē?

Farmvillē was born out of the fact that adulteration of Milk is rampant in our City. In fact, Milk is one of the most adulterated product in Indian Market today. The Milk you drink everyday today is processed and adulterated with antibiotics, urea, oxytocin, sulphate etc. leading to diseases like high blood pressure, gastrointestinal complications, kidney diseases, onset of early puberty, cancer and reduced immunity.

We at Farmvillē are making an honest attempt to serve you ‘Real Milk’. In Ayurveda, Milk is recognized exclusively as a complete food. Real milk comes from pastured cows, that contain all the nutrients and is unprocessed — Real Milk is a Complete Food like Mother’s Milk for a newborn! We are going back to basics, to the good old days when a cow was part of every household family and was fed on green grass. When each morning our breakfast was Real Milk – Pure Wholesome Creamy Yummy Milk – unprocessed in any form – ‘As it is’.

We are making an attempt to share this Organic Goodness with you and we believe in holding on to our roots and highest Ethics. We adhere to the highest standards of Ethics and we believe Happy Cows produce Healthy Milk!

Farmvillē Direct is a brand which stands for providing Real Milk, Direct from Farmvillē. We are FSSAI certified and conduct strict quality tests to ensure that there are no traces of any pesticides, chemicals or preservatives in our food products.

We are engaging our resources and using our knowledge and expertise in building complex distribution chains to make this possible on a daily basis. In future, with your support we endeavor to take this joyful experience to more households.

With Farmvillē Milk you can rest assured that your Milk has:

  • 100% Purity, Natural and Raw – ‘As it is’
  • No loss of Nutritional content due to pasteurization or processing
  • No pesticides, chemicals or adulterants
  • No hormones like oxytocin or antibiotics
  • No preservatives
  • No added sugar
  • No loss of enzymes due to pasteurization

Farmvillē Real Milk

Purity: 99%
Daily Fat Percentage: 4%

Farmvillē Direct is a brain child of Sundar Selvaraj, Founder & Director. Having witnessed to widespread adulteration of Milk with limited or no choice for city dwellers, Farmvillē is an honest attempt to bring Organic Goodness back to our daily lives. Sundar is a Finance professional having worked in General Electric, Colt,  Bank of America and HSBC Bank.

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