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Getting back to Basics is Easy!

Own Farm

Farmvillē Cows are housed in a mid-sized farm not too far but away from city smog.

Hygienic Milking

Milking of is performed by automatic milking machines untouched by hands to avoid contamination.

Quality Checks

We have state of the art infrastructure to monitor any traces of germs, chemicals or toxins.

Packaging & Delivery

Mechanised bottling/packaging is performed and chilled milk is delivered Direct from Farmvillē.

What separates us from the Herd?

‘Real Milk’ Direct from Farmvillē

Own Farm

We have our own farm and are is situated at the outskirts of city away from the city smog. Our farm is equipped with all amenities to make our cows Happy and Healthy.

No Synthetic Growth Hormones, Zero adulterants

Cows are not injected with any hormonal injections to boost their yield. We serve you antibiotic free milk with no preservatives, chemicals or adulterates in any form.

Milk delivered within hours of Milking

We deliver 100% Fresh Raw Milk right to your doorstep within hours of Milking, untouched by hands.

Ethical Practices

We have taken a pledge to hold ourselves to the highest standards of Ethics & we believe Happy Cows produce Healthy Milk

Organic Facts

What makes Milk Irreplaceable?

Complete Food

Cure Ailments

Strengthen Immunization


Stress Buster

Lose Weight

Real Milk

Farmvillē Food Delivery And How It Works

What are the Benefits?

You will receive affordable Real Farm Fresh Milk within hours of Milking from Farmvillē. We are a direct Farm-2-Table Concept.

Can I try it first?

You can order a trial pack which will be delivered straight to your doorstep. Try our milk before subscribing.

How do I subscribe?

You may order on our website or call us or simply leave a message to call you back and we will take care of it.

How is the Milk Packaged?

Milk is chilled to 4°C and packaged in biologically safe glass bottles to avoid toxic reaction with packaging material and retain it’s freshness.

Farmvillē 'Real Milk'

Farmvillē Milk Purity 99%
Daily Fat Percentage 4%

Fun Facts

  • Do cows like music? Cows actually give more Milk when listening to Music!
  • Cows have an amazing sense of smell.  They can smell up to 6 miles away!
  • A cow can walk upstairs, but not downstairs. Cows can’t bend their knees to walk downstairs.
  • They can run 55 Km/hr.
  • In deep mud, cows can run faster than horses!
  • Cows can hear lower and higher frequencies far greater than humans.
  • Cows have a single stomach, but four different digestive compartments. An average cow moves her jaws 40,000 times in a day.
  • A typical cow spends 8 hours a day eating, 8 hours chewing and 8 hours sleeping.
  • Around 300 million cows live in India!
  • Cows live on every continent except Antarctica.
  • World over, most dairies prepare butter, cream, ice cream & cheese from Cow milk.
  • Cows produce 90% of the world’s milk needs.
  • Cows say “moo” as a way to communicate.

So next time you see a Cow you know what to say…Just say Moo 🙂


Our Testimonials

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